Garuda Indonesia

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Indonesia's national airline boasts cabins that are at the zenith of space and comfort. Sit back and relax in seats with a 32” pitch while you take in a movie on your very own LCD touch-screen and enjoy Indonesian, Western and Australian cuisine from Garuda's extensive in-flight menu. When you fly with Garuda you're sure to arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and ready to make memories. 

Economy Class
Garuda Indonesia’s Economy Class was recognised as 2013’s best by Skytrax, and for good reason. The 268 reclining seats will see you jet off in comfort while the Audio Video on Demand system allows you to enjoy a range of entertainment on your own 9 inch touch screen. You can also enjoy an extensive range of Indonesian, European and Asian meals. GSM and WiFi are also available for in flight connectivity.

Executive Class
Garuda Indonesia understand that your comfort starts with space, that’s why each of the 38 executive class seats have been given a pitch of 73 inches. To gain some much needed rest during your flight, each seat converts into a flat bed complete with mattress. With in-flight entertainment on a 15 inch touch screen, a selection of sumptuous cuisine and an extensive assortment of Australian and French wines, you’ll arrive at your destination feeling wonderfully relaxed. You can also take advantage of on flight WiFi and GSM connectivity.

First Class
Even before you set foot on the plane, Garuda Indonesia’s First Class service begins to work its magic. Upon departure and arrival, the special assistance will make your journey as stress free as you could wish for. Once on your flight, sit back in your seat which has a 82 inch pitch and 22 inch width and turns into a luxurious bed. The on board chefs will cook you up a treat with Indonesian festival food, Japanese Kaiseki or European a la carte meals served with a range of alcoholic beverages and soft drinks. Your in flight entertainment system comes complete with a 23.5 inch touch screen and you can connect to both WiFi and GSM.