SriLankan Airlines

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The sumptuously designed cabins that encompass Sri Lankan culture give every indication that your flight will be a stress free experience. The airline's unique Air Show feature allows passengers a unique pilot's eye view of everything from take off to landing while cameras beneath the plane offer incredible views, particularly when flying over mountains or cities. 

Business Class
Flying Business Class with us is a truly special experience. During the course of your journey you will enjoy the finest in facilities together with the warm and impeccable hospitality for which SriLankan Airlines is known the world over. To ensure your complete comfort, all our flights are non-smoking. Feel free to make yourself at home. Stretch out and relax throughout your journey in our wide, spacious, reclining seats. Each seat is 19.5” wide (arm rest - arm rest) and they are placed two abreast similar to First Class in other airlines - every seat is an aisle or window seat. Each seat is electronically operated with an adjustable footrest, headrest, and lumbar-support. You will have your own reading lamp, which will not disturb your neighbour.
Economy Class
Travelling on SriLankan Airlines Economy Class will be an enjoyable experience. Personal seatback TV, a choice of international cuisine, adjustable seats - all little luxuries that are a part of the new Economy Class on SriLankan. The cabin is spacious with elegantly designed interiors and an in-flight service that makes you feel simply special. Along with our well-trained crew, our mouth-watering dishes and our excellent in-flight entertainment, you are sure to have a pleasant and relaxing journey.