Desire Riviera Maya Resort

4.5* out of 5 stars

For those in search of a sensuous, erotic, passionate holiday in the Caribbean, look no more: the Desire Riviera Maya is the perfect place to seduce and to be seduced, to desire and be desired.

In this clothing-optional environment you and your partner can fully relax, leave your troubles behind and experience each other in ways you have never before imagined, or perhaps did not even dare to.

For your entertainment with a sensual touch, the resort has arranged a vast rainbow of activities: special yoga classes, sexy aqua fitness, nude volleyball and other beach and pool games. The more adventurous bodies and minds can try sexy wishes, sexy darts or belly and pole dance lessons. The daily “Desire Time” contests for couples are another seducing surprise to you.

After the sun sets, erotic night adventures begins. Every night there is a themed programme – from The Hall of Fame on Mondays all the way through to Riders' Night on Sundays, with an Emergency 69 in between. No pressure to be part of it if you don't yet feel like it – but quite often, those relaxed spectators turn into actively engaged participants. You may also be lucky to experience the Desire's one-off Special Events such as Cabaret Nights, Magic Circus or sex workshops with experienced sexologists.

Just a 20-minute ride from Cancún's International Airport, this exclusive, deliciously lust resort is nestled on Mexico's magnificent Riviera Maya. The Desire is only for adult couples; sensual experiences guaranteed. A wonderful range of special private dinners are available for a supplement fee - see Restaurants & Bars tab for the amazing 'Fantasy Menu'.

Please note: Guests staying at hotels in this region are required to pay a flat fee of $28.86 Mexican Pesos (approximately USD$1.39) per room per night as part of the states environmental tax.

Please note: All guests must pre-pay an additional tourist tax of approximately $10 US dollars. You can make this payment online or at kiosks located at the airport, where cash is accepted.



Deluxe Garden View

Nestled within the Desire Riviera Maya Resort, the Deluxe Garden View rooms offer a captivating escape. 58 exquisite rooms, overlooking verdant gardens, exude an aura of refined elegance. Adorned with subtle opulence, the rooms harmoniously merge gold embellishments with the distinctive Desire ethos. A haven of sensuality, each abode features tasteful adornments, seamlessly weaving gold and chocolate accents, in tune with the resort's alluring concept. Thoughtful amenities promise an unforgettable couples' retreat.

Superior Garden View

Discover the epitome of refinement at Desire Riviera Maya Resort's Superior Garden View rooms. Elegantly designed with gold and chocolate accents that seamlessly complement the resort's sensuous concept, these accommodations embody exquisite taste. Each room boasts special amenities and an additional 15 sq. m2 living area, providing ample space for an unforgettable couples' escape, where luxury and desire intertwine effortlessly.

Deluxe Ocean View

Embrace the allure of Desire Riviera Maya Resort in the Deluxe Ocean View rooms. Exuding a sensual aura, these rooms are adorned with opulent gold and chocolate accents that seamlessly blend with the resort's couples-only seductive concept. Indulge in special amenities as you bask in the mesmerizing ocean view, creating an unforgettable experience where luxury and desire intertwine.

Jacuzzi Room Garden View

Indulge in captivating luxury at Desire Riviera Maya Resort's Jacuzzi Garden View Rooms. Featuring private jacuzzis and picturesque garden vistas, these suites offer a stunning design that sets the stage for an unforgettable experience of intimacy and privacy. Escape to a realm where luxury and seclusion intertwine, creating a haven of romantic moments that will forever be etched in memory.

Jacuzzi Room Ocean View

Introducing the exquisite Jacuzzi Sea View Rooms at Desire Riviera Maya Resort. Offering two stunning suites, each featuring a private jacuzzi and breathtaking sea views, these accommodations create an ambiance of ultimate relaxation and complete privacy. Escape to a haven where tranquility meets luxury, and immerse yourself in moments of serene indulgence overlooking the captivating seascape.

Passion Suite Ocean View

Experience boundless allure at Desire Riviera Maya Resort's Passion Suites. Set against an oceanfront backdrop, these suites defy imagination. Adorned with Kamasutra-inspired details, they provide a sanctuary for unique moments of passion and pleasure. Revel in the intimacy of a private Jacuzzi while being seduced by breathtaking Caribbean Sea views. Beyond the comprehensive amenities of the Jacuzzi Suites, discover an array of specialized offerings that enrich your romantic escape.

Beloved Suite

The Beloved Suite at Desire Riviera Maya Resort—a true enhancement to the allure. Among the 22 suites, an intimate escape awaits couples. Infused with soft lighting and alluring aesthetics, it beckons lovers to indulge in every desire. Featuring a jacuzzi, generous space, and lavish amenities, an ambiance of pure ecstasy prevails—a haven for couples to succumb to boundless pleasures in an atmosphere of sheer enchantment.

Seductive Garden View Swim Up Suite

The Desire Riviera Maya Resort presents the Seductive Garden View Swim-Up Suites, a collection of six opulent retreats. Offering lush tropical garden vistas, these suites are meticulously crafted to ignite passion. Guests awaken in exquisite spaces adorned with comprehensive amenities, including a private swim-up pool. This enchanting setting transcends dreams, enveloping couples in an unprecedented level of sensuality and luxury beyond imagination.

Seductive Pool View Swim Up Suite

Introducing the ultimate in luxury, the Seductive Pool View Swim Up Suites at Desire Riviera Maya Resort. With a total of six units, each accompanied by a tropical garden view, these suites are a haven of passion. Indulge in the pleasure of awakening within exquisitely designed spaces, complete with all desired amenities, including a personal swim-up pool. A realm of sensuality transcends imagination in this opulent escape.

Desire Suites

The beachfront Desire Suites will indulge you in a world of provocative pleasures. Provoked by sultry air and inspired by passion, these unique spaces promise mind-blowing moments for you and your partner. Live the magic of waking up in one of four exclusive suites, where you can relax in your loft-style second floor bedroom with a king-size memory foam bed, dressed in 400-ct. sheets, with a private bathroom and walk-in closet. After a moment of morning intimacy, lose yourself in ecstasy as you dine on your private terrace, relax in your Bali Bed (at the beach), or perhaps take a dip in your swim up, whatever satisfies your current mood. And if you are craving space for friendly encounters, your oversized living space fully stocked bar is sure to take your experience to a whole new level.

Diamond Ocean View Suite

Introducing the epitome of desire—the Diamond Ocean View Jacuzzi Suite at Desire Riviera Maya Resort. Among the six exclusive suites, an ambiance of sensual allure beckons. Impeccable services, lavish amenities, and breathtaking ocean vistas set the stage for passion. This intimate 111.6-square meter haven offers a private terrace for couples to savor erotic delights, creating an unforgettable escape of indulgence and intimacy.

Diamond Ocean View Swim Up Suite

Elevate your Desire experience with the Diamond Ocean View Swim Up Suite, a trio of exceptional one-bedroom retreats spanning 116.6 square meters. Indulge in exclusive amenities and be captivated by awe-inspiring ocean views. Lavishly adorned, each suite radiates intimacy and luxury, creating an ideal space for couples seeking to ignite passion. A private terrace leads to a personal swim-up pool, adding a layer of allure to this seductive haven.


  • Adults only hotel
  • Air Conditioning
  • Bars (6)
  • Beachfront location
  • Concierge
  • Gym
  • Onsite Shop
  • Private Beach
  • Public Beach
  • Restaurants (5)
  • Spa
  • Swim-up/out rooms
  • Swimming Pool (3)
  • Watersports
  • Wi-Fi



Food & Drink

El Arrecife

An exciting restaurant of a contemporary décor where seductive music is played, varying with the different, special theme nights. El Arrecife is open everyday offering sumptuous breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets.

Melange Bar

This is the place where guests meet in a relaxed atmosphere while having the chance of tasting seductive cocktails for 24 hours a day. Everyday, the Melange bar is witness of friends getting together, flirtatious encounters and lingering romantic moments of guests, who come to this location in search of the greatest sensual adventure of their lives.


Recently remodeled in October 2013. Boasting a sensual touch that is so characteristic of this resort, Sahló has been decorated with an elegant and modern style. In addition, an exquisite contrast between dim lights and shadows is achieved with the strategic placement of new, stylish lamps. The unique culinary creations of different international cuisines will please the most demanding palates, and after dinner the delicious experiences continue with the Piano Bar, Jazz nights or an erotic show. With a sensual-elegant dress code, Sahló will offer a delicious atmosphere. It’s time to come and discover the new Sahló.


This sensual dining venue of Desire Resort can only be called unique. Asian delights and daily main course specials include the freshest xushi, tastiest tepanyaki and most savoury desserts, presented in a both intimate and mystical atmosphere. Suki is a luxurious journey into the Asian tastes and fashion. Inviting shades of red, white and dark chocolate display a wall made out of neon lights while a beautiful ceiling, shaped as a wave, adds to the sophisticated décor in an intimate and mystical atmosphere. The long-faced Japanese paintings along with the onyx lamps, also give the room a relaxed environment that provides the perfect mood for a stylish dinner.


Located just beside the pool and facing the beach, Tentazione is the perfect place to enjoy a succulent buffet lunch while having the chance to see and be seen. Just under a beautiful palapa, this casual restaurant offers a great variety of sophisticated food buffet style. Ceviches, cordon bleus, gourmet hotdogs and hamburgers are among the various dishes you may find at your disposition on the buffet bar, or even fresh salad can be your choice in this inspiring spot.