Essential Information

Essential Information

Essential Information for your Kenwood Travel Holiday

Thank you for booking your holiday with Kenwood Travel. We would remind you that you must have adequate travel insurance for you holiday. If you do not yet have cover, we can offer a range of policies to meet your needs at very competitive rates.

Please advise us of any disability or special needs, of passengers travelling, if you have not done so already.

At the bottom of your confirmation you will find the date by which the balance of your holiday must be paid. Please note that the airline will cancel your reservation if payment is not yet received at the correct time and that no reminder will be sent. Please note that there will be a 2% credit card charge, for balances paid by a credit card. There will be no charge made for balances paid by debit, switch, solo or posting a cheque.

Your tickets and travel documents will be sent to you two weeks prior to departure.

US Visa Programme moves online

In a major change to the United States visa waiver programme (VWP), UK citizens will need to apply online and in advance of travelling from January 12, 2009.

Once approved, an ESTA is valid for multiple entries over two years – or until the holder’s passport expires. US authorities are keen to highlight the fact that the information required of passengers is no different to that on the current I94 form and that, in the vast majority of cases, a message indicating authorisation to travel will be instant.

Clients travelling to the US are encouraged to apply for authorisation as far in advance as possible and no later than 72 hours before travelling, although there will be special arrangements for those flying at the last minute or in emergencies.


The ESTA itself is an electronic authorisation matched to a passport – rather than a physical endorsement or certificate – and can be applied for even without the passenger knowing their exact travel and destination details. Those in possession of an ESTA should update their travel details (via the same website) for each subsequent journey to the US during its two-year validity.

For more information and for ESTA approval visit:

Below are the details that will be required regarding your flights and accommodation:
- Flight number outbound    
- Flight number inbound      
- Accommodation address

You may also visit US Embassy website for more information



Further to the 21 December issue of ABTA Today, although British passport holders don't require a visa to visit the Caribbean, citizens of some other EU Member States do.  

Special Assistance

Our Special Assistance co-ordinators will be happy to arrange for a Virgin Atlantic representative to assist you at both your departing and arriving airports.

If you are connecting with another airline, we will provide assistance to that airline's check in counters.

Or, if you are connecting from another airline to a Virgin Atlantic flight, they will provide assistance to our check in counters.

All Virgin Atlantic aircraft have an onboard wheelchair specially designed to fit the aircraft aisles and transport passengers to and from their seats before, during and after flights.

We ensure priority boarding for passengers requiring assistance and the vast majority of our seats are designed with lifting armrests to enable a simple transfer between wheelchair and seat.

You will be transferred to this wheelchair as you enter the plane and your own chair will be stored during the flight.

Bulkhead seats may offer more room and if you require one of these for medical reasons this will be assigned at check in.

As your luggage allowance varies with each carrier, we ask that you please look at your airline tickets when you receive them, as they will state the exact amount allowed.  If in doubt, please feel free to ask our sales consultants or check directly with the airline.

At Kenwood Travel, we take consumer protection very seriously and we’re proud to be members of the ATOL and ABTA schemes. ATOL protects all customers booking a holiday with flights, whilst ABTA recognises the high standard of service we provide on accommodation only holidays.
ATOL Number 5664

Our holiday packages involving flights are ATOL protected by the Civil Aviation Authority. Our ATOL licence number is 5664. Please see our booking conditions for more information.

The ATOL system protects you from losing money or being stranded abroad if our company should cease trading. However, if you were to book flights with other companies you may not have ATOL protection.

For more information, please see the ATOL website
ABTA Numbers 7456X/W4888

All members of ABTA adhere to a code of conduct designed to protect their customers. This includes providing you with a high standard of service, fair terms of trading and clear and accurate information about passports, visas, health requirements, and details of alterations to your holiday. It also ensures you are protected if our company should cease trading, or other things go wrong. This includes making arrangements to bring you home if you are stranded abroad. ABTA also ensures that if you have a complaint that you feel cannot be resolved directly with us, you will be offered the option of low-cost completely impartial arbitration.

For more information please visit the ABTA website

Please note that we may record your telephone calls for training and quality purposes.