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Thai Airways

Thai Airways has been Thailand’s distinguished national carrier since 1960 and the name denotes only the highest level of service, efficiency and comfort. The airline was inaugurated with flights to nine Asian destinations and today its mark is unmistakable in airports worldwide. Thai Airways’ huge fleet includes four brand new Airbus A380-800 aircraft, providing the height of luxury from above the clouds. Harking from a country known for its silk, Thai Airways brings you to your destination with that same smoothness and style, defining the touch of Thailand.

Royal First Class

As a passenger in Royal First Class, you'll be welcomed on board with a glass of Dom Perignon, Bollinger or an appropriate vintage Champagne. Relax on reclining sleeper seats with 180 degrees of recline and almost seven feet of space in which to stretch out in an opulently appointed cabin while enjoying an array of delicious dishes served on fine chinaware with silverware and place settings. For further convenience, meals are served with timing adjusted to your preference. Each seat is also equipped with an interactive audio visual entertainment system.
Royal Silk Class

Shell seats, with 60 inches of stretch-out space and 170 degrees of recline for sleeping, invite the passenger to lay back and relax. As for entertainment, the interactive Audio Visual On Demand system offers hundreds of channels for films, movies, music and games. The innovative menus for this class will surprise even the most seasoned traveller, while the complimentary drinks include fine wines of notable vintage and premium brands of spirits, beers & soft drinks.
Economy Class
Plush seating and excellent meals equivalent to those served in some airlines' business class. Passengers can enjoy a wide range of entertainment programs and facilities. For parents with small children, there are bulkhead anchors for complimentary bassinets, and diaper-changing shelves in the toilets.