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Peter Island Resort & Spa

Little comes so close to the definition of Caribbean island paradise than the British Virgin Islands' Peter Island Resort & Spa. Whatever your vision of a private palm utopia, Peter Island is sure to have exceeded it. The land itself is surrounded by crystal water lagoons one imagines were once the domain of pirates and sirens, but this is not the stuff of fantasy. Instead this private island resort leaves you to drift into and experience perfection, whether that may be in the company of loved ones, new friends or perhaps just your imagination. 

Imagine exploring this haven uninterrupted - Peter Island can give you the opportunity to do just that - enjoy a desert island all to yourselves. In terms of romance this is unsurpassed, and after a long day trekking the serene pathways that dissect its rich, aromatic flora and forests, or paddling and snorkelling its endless beaches, you might like to retire to Peter Island's sumptuous spa for massages, and body and facial treatments. Afterwards exclusive wine bars, lounges and fine dining experiences can be enjoyed, as well as private dining overlooking the marina. The resort also has its own yacht club for a little off-shore adventure and a taste of the high-life.

For couples who are 'expecting' and looking for one last chance for some peace and quiet and a little dash of romance before welcoming their new arrival, then this is the ideal place for a Babymoon! Peter Island Resort & Spa offers amazing Babymoon experiences to pamper soon-to-be parents.  

Please note: For transfers to and from Tortola, guests will be met at the airport by a Peter Island representative, who will arrange a taxi and ferry to Peter Island. Peter Island and Road Town transfer prices do not include taxes, which should be paid directly at the airport or ferry terminal. Taxes currently stand at $20 per person for visitors leaving by air or by sea. 

Please note: A dress codes apply for Tradewinds Restaurant / Drakes Lounge and Deadman's Bar & Grill. Acceptable attire for men include long pants, khaki or similar quality shorts, collared shirt, and closed-toe shoes. Acceptable attire for ladies include a sundress, slacks and skirts. T-shirts, jeans and slippers are not allowed. 

Please note: Peter Island will be constructing a seawall on the marina side of the island from 19 August - 19 November 2017. During this time, Drakes Lounge Pool & Club room will close, and breakfast and lunch will be served at The Beach Bar & Grill daily instead of Tradewinds. Guests will have access to the spa pool, where there will be full bar service and Drakes will be open in the evening.


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