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Boasting the world-famous Vallée de Mai nature reserve, the Seychelles are a plentiful habitat for all manner of exotic plants and animals. A holiday to the Seychelles presents one of the finest settings for those seeking to relax upon matchless, white sandy beaches or splash about in warm, glittering, sapphire-blue seas.

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With hundreds of coral and granite islands rising out of the azure waters of the equatorial Indian Ocean, the Seychelles offers visitors a glorious climate and stunning scenery. World-renowned for its tranquillity and abundant natural marvels, this unspoiled location is home to two Unesco World Heritage Sites, awarded in recognition of their stunning natural features.

Here outstanding white beaches tumble down from richly forested uplands towards warm, turquoise seas, meaning that a holiday in the Seychelles presents one of the ultimate getaway locations for travellers in search of an unsullied paradise in which to wile away the hours, the stresses and strains of modern life a distant blur.

Luxury Holidays in The Seychelles

On your Seychelles holiday you’ll quickly discover a whole host of activities designed to keep the active traveller busy. However, when it comes to this amazing collection of islands, notions of exclusivity and refinement resonate strongly to provide a wholly luxurious and relaxing break in the sun.

Imagine being cleansed at the spa with a reviving body wrap. Imagine the sounds of the sea oscillating on the shore as you descend into the clear waters to cool down from the sizzling sunshine. 

5 Great Reasons To Holiday in The Seychelles

    • Home to the biggest seabird colonies around the globe
    • Great beaches and landscapes, whose conservation is writ into law
    • Friendly local people
    • Wonderful dive locations
    • Exclusive resorts and spas!

      Things To Do in The Seychelles

      Mahé Island, a haven for art lovers, is home to an abundance of professional artists, private galleries and studios. Through the fascinating works of local artists, see how the people of the Seychelles express their sense of history, culture and their current lives. There truly is a vast number of studios and galleries showcasing some incredible works of art, so make sure you have a wander. Why not support local artists with a purchase to immortalise your own journey to this paradise in the Indian Ocean.

      The beaches here are utterly captivating. With cerulean seas and white sands you’ll be able to partake in a little surfing, choose from a range of water sports, and the snorkelling spots will envelope you in the beautiful marine life around the various reefs.

      To see as much as possible why not go on an island hopping excursion to the inner granitic islands. To facilitate these excursions there is a constant flow of sea and air transport from the main island of Mahé.

      The many trails peppering the islands will provide either a leisurely hike or a more challenging trek. But you can be certain that every walk will open up spectacular panoramic views!

      The Seychelles has so much for the curious traveller. There are casinos, dive operators, boat hire companies, fishing operators, horse riding and golf courses to enjoy. With an itinerary like this, your holiday will be an unforgettable experience!

      Interesting Facts About The Seychelles

      • Area – 451 sq. kilometres
      • Population – 84,000
      • Currency – Seychellois rupee (SCR)
      • Gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1976


      Though the weather here does indeed become rather humid at times, it does have the ability to stay mostly mild. You’ll encounter the hot season during December and April, while the cooler season reigns between May and November.

      Seychelles Holidays 2017 & 2018

      For your 2017 holidays in the Indian Ocean, get in touch and secure a seat to paradise! At Kenwood Travel we specialise in bespoke packages catering to your image of the ideal holiday. We have bundles of experience in organising trips to the Indian Ocean. Give us a call and let us advise you on the best luxury all inclusive holidays around!

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