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A holiday in Oman is the perfect blend of rich history and modern style. Your Oman holiday will mix ancient culture with exclusive and elegant resorts. A haven for luxury, this region caters for R&R and adventure in equal measure. The Kenwood Travel Arabia experts are excited to take you there.

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Oman Holidays

On a holiday in Oman you can expect to encounter a richly historic region set in a majestic desert landscape. With archaeological remains pointing to human settlement during the Stone Age, Oman's heritage has seen everything from the emergence of Islam in 630 AD to Portuguese colonisation in the fifteenth century. Check out the Bait Al Barandah and Bait Al-Zubair Museums to truly grasp the rich historical and cultural foundations of this amazing sultanate.

Luxury Holidays in Oman

Your Oman holiday will mix ancient culture with exclusive and elegant resorts. A haven for luxury, this region caters for refined desires and grand yearnings. You’ll find private beaches, resorts equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, and fine dining, with an awe-inspiring natural beauty as your backdrop.

Kenwood Travel has a great selection of luxury hotels in Oman, including the impressive Shangri-La's Barr Al Jissah Resort and Spa. Picture the perfectly untouched desert dunes behind you as you indulge in all that Oman has on offer. 

10 Great Reasons to Holiday in Oman

  • One of the most popular diving locations in the region!
  • Climb the rugged and challenging crags for a bit of adventure
  • Enjoy a trekking season from September to May
  • For a bit of natural splendour, catch some Whale watching
  • Go off-roading in the desert
  • Great museums
  • Historical forts to explore
  • Check out the tombs!
  • Beaches overlooking the Sea of Oman, Arabian Sea and the Straits of Hormuz in the North
  • Spectacular cerulean lagoons

Things to Do in Oman

There’s a munificence of cultural offerings in this part of the world. See the Wadi Al Ayn Tombs that lie 30km to the north east of the Bat settlement, or uncover the towers, forts, and ancient buildings at Al Manzafah for glimpses into a bygone age. For adventure activities you’ll be spoilt for choice as you pick between diving, boating, climbing, trekking, camping and caving. There’s just so much to do between living the high life in your luxury resort, experiencing the dense cultural roots of the region, and enjoying the many outdoor adventure activities of Oman!

Ramadan in Oman

During the Holy Month, Muslims fast between dawn and sunset. Visitors to Oman are advised not to eat and drink water in public places during this month as a sign of respect towards people who are fasting. Your hotel, however, will offer dining as usual but may have the doorway screened off to outside view. Attractions such as souks are open during some hours, although the best time to visit them is the evening. Regular restaurants outside of the hotels may not be open during day hours. Many will open after sundown, when the sultanate comes to life. The dates for Ramadan 2018 are 16th May - 14th June. Visitors to the Middle East during this time should be aware that opening times may vary and some restrictions may apply. Please speak to your Middle East specialist at Kenwood Travel for more information.

Interesting Facts About Oman

  • Area – 309,501 sq. kilometres
  • Population – 3,608,545
  • Currency – Omani Rial (OMR)

Weather in Oman

As in most other Arabic countries, Oman has an extremely hot climate with little rainfall. The hot season is between May and September and can reach highs of 54 degrees centigrade! During the rainy season between June and October, most of the downpours reach the mountain ranges, while some coastal spaces fail to receive even one drop during a whole year. 

Oman Holidays 2017/18

If you’re looking for luxury all inclusive holidays, weddings and honeymoons, then look no further. With 40 years experience Kenwood Travel offer a comprehensive range of bespoke packages. To avoid disappointment, call now to book early and lock-in your 2017/18 holidays.

Please note: Oman has launched a new eVisa programme whereby visitors can apply for an entry visa online. Currently 67 countries, including the UK, are eligible under the new programme. Residents of other countries are advised to check before making any travel arrangements to Oman. The tourist visa is valid for 30 days and costs OMR 20.
Please note: Dining restrictions may apply for all hotels in Oman when complimentary meal plan upgrades are on offer.

Please note: Possession of alcohol is strictly prohibited when crossing the Dibba Border as per the governing law of UAE and Oman. 

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