Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel

5* out of 5 stars

One for the party people? If your idea of holiday accommodation on the White Isle is a room with a do, check in at Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel. This hotel and nightclub combo property brings the party to your door in sensational style. But the full Ushuaia experience owes as much to luxury as it does to revelry, so there’s lots of VIP service and amenities to take the edge off the late nights. Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel is credited as changing the landscape of Ibiza for hedonistic visitors with an eye for luxury. Located in a sunkissed corner of Playa d-en Bossa, these 415 luxe rooms invite stylish R&R amid iconic surroundings.

The Club at Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel

In this most exclusive of Ibiza hotels, the party never stops. This outdoor arena of music and dance is a destination in itself. Gab a VIP table overlooking the stage and witness world-beating acts like Armin Van Buuren Solo, Dimitri Vegas Like Mike, Mucho Ibiza and more. Feel the energy of the Ushuaia spirit in this hypnotic environment, mix with celebs and toast the good times with friends from sunrise to sunrise. And for guests of Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel, it gets even better; there are ten different room and suite categories here that come with free entry to various events at the nightclub.

The food at Ushuaia Ibiza Beach

Of course, balancing the hedonism with healthy and delicious food is a must. And refuelling at Ushuaia Ibiza Beach is an eclectic affair. Live the luxury life with the superb cuisine on offer at the hotel’s restaurants and beach clubs, from the avant garde to the gastronomically traditional. From Japanese and steak house to oyster bars and ‘unexpected’ breakfasts, there’s a dish for all occasions. The flavours of Ushuaia are enough to stir the soul and inspire another day free from the shackles of routine, and buoyed by an unstoppable Mediterranean spirit.



Superior Room

The hotel like the 30-hour days and decide when the sun rises. That's why all the Superior Double Rooms located in The Ushuaïa Tower have blackout curtains. And numerous exclusive details. And free WiFi connection. For you to instantly share your best moments Ushuaïa. Because time and space are relative and you have control over them. Who has lived the Ushuaïa experience, knows it. Do not give up anything. Nor to the best day party in Ibiza. Because fun is not at odds with luxury ...

Tower Superior Room

Not knowing what time it is and rejoice over it. Share instantly with your friends (and those who are not so much) your most provocative smile. And go out to the terrace with a drink in your hand to enjoy the show from your Double Superior Stage View. Like a VIP Dance. Fall in love with just one look. Search your next story from above. Hunt. Devour. And keep dancing. And rest later in a luxury room. You will be in the heart of the best daytime party in Ibiza. In the heart of Ushuaïa.

Fashion Victim Room

Uninhibited and sexy. Unprejudiced. Hungry for fantasies. Specially designed for spirits with allergy to monotony. His round bed is full of promises. Like the shower, located in the center of the room, and the indiscreet ceiling mirrors. All wishes are reflected in them. Forbidden to close your eyes! The hotel don't care who you kiss (or who), but kiss. The hotel set the stage. And the sea views. And the outdoor hot tub. The rest is your thing.

Anything Can Happen Suite

Stretch to infinity in a king size bed and check that you were not wrong suite or companion. A photograph in the hot tub on the terrace to envy friends. Entertain with the XBOX. Or relax the body and mind with aromatherapy. And warm up engines for the party with your favorite DJ session. And toast for Ibiza, its pleasures and the surprises of the night. 100% Ushuaïa moments. Do not make excuses. As its own name says, in this luxury suite anything can happen.

Anything Can Happen Suite Stage View

A bath in the outdoor hot tub. Toast with French champagne for Ibiza and its pleasures. Take an irreverent selfie with the Ushuaïa stage in the background. Jump until you run out while enjoying the best “daytime party” from the privileged position of this luxury suite. Retreat to the privacy of the suite to live the party your way. Play with the XBOX. Or with the erotic kit. Rejoin the party whenever you feel like it. Smile. Enjoy. Do not make excuses. As its own name says, in this suite anything can happen.



Food & Drink

Minami Japanese Restaurant

In the Japanese language, Minami means south. The same cardinal point to which you have to set course in Ibiza to reach Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel and enjoy the sophistication of this restaurant on horseback between two worlds: East and West. Bamboo canes, contemporary art and water mirrors anticipate the experience of this exotic proposal.

Montauk Steakhouse Ibiza

A sirloin that melts in your mouth, a good red wine and the best of companies. Is there a more perfect way to start the night for a carnivore? The hotel think not, that's why at the Montauk Steakhouse Ibiza restaurant, located in The Ushuaïa Tower, the embers are prepared every evening and the knives are sharpened. For you to find a perfect cure, the best cuts and high quality meats from Spain, United Kingdom and Alaska. The hotel have it all for a first class dining experience. Only you are missing.

Sir Rocco Beach Restaurant

Skip all the rules you want, except for pasta. The pasta rules. Always. Weigh what weighs the sauce. And the pasta must be brown. Al dente. So that the bite is perfect. For your teeth to feel it. Resisting ... Rejects imitations. The shortcuts Like everything in life, the sublime snack has its formula. Another delicious temptation that Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel offers you on the beach. La vita e bella. Or not?

The Beach by Ushuaia Ibiza

It is not necessary to lie too long in the sun on the beach for all kinds of appetites to rise. All but spiritual. That is why at The Beach by Ushuaïa Ibiza restaurant the hotel offer you a menu full of suggestive dishes, so that it is not difficult for you to satisfy your desire. At least he who devours himself with a knife and fork. Fresh and Mediterranean flavours. And the odd exotic touch. And sushi, which you always want. Wake up your tongue. It's time to eat…

The Oyster & Caviar Bar

When you were little they told you that sipping was rude? In The Oysters & Caviar Bar you will find six good reasons to disobey. The same number of oyster varieties that arrive every day in the kitchen. Not forgetting the caviar. It is not sipped, but also pushes to mischief. Pure gourmet pleasure. Like Nikkei specialties, sushi, seafood and other delicacies from the menu. Enjoy It's your 100% sybarite moment, 100% Ushuaïa Ibiza.

The Unexpected Breakfast

Gone are the days of the boring continental breakfast. A maze of colourful stands announce a circus of amazing flavours for those who enjoy starting the day in sybarite mode. A little sweet, a little salty and another mimosa, please. He falls into the temptation of a world of delicious sensations with magic, imagination, music, hedonism, freedom and fun. The Ushuaïa Experience is served on the table since the sun rises.