Discovery Cove

Did you know that Discovery Cove in Florida is a reservations-only all-inclusive park? With a 1,200 daily capacity limit there’s a resort feel and a sense of intimacy like in no other theme park in the world. Discover Kenwood Travel's fantastic resorts in the International Drive area for great access to Discovery Cove.

The Dolphin Swim Experience

You’ll usually find this adventure near the top of life’s bucket list. So, if swimming with Dolphins is on your once in a lifetime list then The Dolphin Swim Experience lets you do it in spectacular settings. Interact with these beautiful marine mammals one-to-one, learn more about dolphin behaviour and cling onto the dorsal fin for the glide of your life!

For 30 minutes you’ll swim and interact with a bottlenose dolphin chaperoned by a trainer who’ll tell you everything you need to know. Hug, kiss and rub the smooth slippery skin of your new friend before venturing into deeper waters for an adventurous tow ride back to shore.

Please note that children must be 6 years old for the dolphin swim. Kids between 6 and 12 years old have to be accompanied by a participating (and paying) adult on the Dolphin Swim Experience.

Explorer’s Aviary

There’s a hidden trove of natural treasure at Discovery Cove and it’s called the Explorer’s Aviary: a free-flight bird extravaganza of 250 tropical species. See a wide variety of parakeet’s with rows of Golden Conures perched on branches as Sun Conures glide from bough to bough in the background. There are mighty-beaked toucans and cocky parrots to interact with in this aviary too. But this place is not just for bird lovers: the aviary is a truly great nature experience where even the causal observer or novice can enjoy. Just be prepared to make a few colourful new friends.

Serenity Bay

Slowly amble into the 80-degree climate-controlled waters of Serenity Bay at Discovery Cove. This bay impresses through its size and the sheer perfection of its construction. You’ll be able to swim in the clear pool waters, lay by the bay for a little sun soaking relaxation and enjoy the peaceful serenity of a bay that seriously lives up to its name.

Wind-Away River

On the Wind-Away you’ll be taken away by the soothing yet powerful currents of a tropical river. Jinking through white sand beaches and thick rainforest, past stony territory as waterfalls luxuriously cascade above. Your next stop? An underwater cave, not less. The Wind-away River is seriously good fun.

Freshwater Oasis

Enjoy a face-to-face encounter with an otter or two, perhaps a marmoset and whoever else you manage to meet along the way. This freshwater adventure will have you wading through waters in search of brief meetings with amazing animals. Constructed with rainforest surrounding crystal clear waters this oasis of freshwater snugly fits into the tropical ethos of Discovery Cove. There are endless possibilities at Freshwater Oasis, no matter where you float, swim or wade.

Grand Reef

The Grand Reef is rife with new discoveries waiting to be found. Be it on the water’s edge, or on a bridge with sharks swimming below, this reef will amaze even the seasoned snorkeller or marine explorer. Further in the reef you’ll snorkel and swim alongside eagle rays and hundreds of tropical fish. As you venture further out into the reef you’ll explore spectacular habitats and reef sharks safely swimming behind glass – but it’ll feel like you’re right there alongside these fantastic and ferocious creatures. Topping it all off, a walk around the bridges and paths take you to mysterious grottos and more discoveries.


This is a Grand Reef underwater walking tour and the most innovative experience at Discovery Cove. SeaVenture is a tour that every visitor to this mind-blowing resort-like water park needs to experience. All you need is a dive helmet to feel like one of the reef’s inhabitants. Remember, SCUBA certification is not needed.

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