Niyama Private Islands Maldives

5* out of 5 stars

Niyama Private Islands Maldives is a luxury five star resort without equal in this castaway island chain. Set on the two islands of 'Chill' and 'Play' in the Atoll of Dhaalu, and surrounded by spectacular pristine beaches and lush tropical greenery, Niyama Maldives is the epitome of good taste and sophistication. Ideal for couples seeking romance in an exclusive environment, the 86 studios and pavilions that form Niyama boast an exquisite blend of ultra-modern design and Maldivian decor.

You can take a dip into the crisp waters of your private infinity-edge swimming pool or stroll down to the hotel's secluded beach and swim in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean; Niyama Private Islands Maldives offers all of this and more.

An extravagant feature at this exclusive hotel is Subsix, the only underwater club in the world. So, if you fancy seeing renowned international artists eight metres below, you have it easy: stay at Niyama Maldives. Niyama's legacy is set to impress too - guests will be reassured to learn that the resort exercises sustainable practices in their Coral regeneration project with Marine Biology lab.

Things to do at Niyama Private Islands Maldives

For extra pampering and relaxation, the Niyama Spa at the resort brings you a large array of soothing treatments and massages overlooking the sparkling lagoon while also being the first hotel in the Maldives to offer Intraceuticals’ line of oxygen-based facials. The Pump, which also opens 24/7, is a fully equipped gym perfect for keeping up with your workout whilst on holiday and the fun increases further thanks to 'Games & Gadgets' with sports simulators.

Now the pleasure extends even further. A bridge connects the resort's original island Chill to an additional island, affectionately called Play, which includes a host of additional amenities. Here you will find the casual Blu beachside restaurant with a nearby infinity pool complete with children's area. There is also Explorers, a kids' club that splits children up into groups according to their age, abilities and interests and offers a huge range of fun activities from jungle safaris to circus themed fun.

Lovers of watersports will be in their element with the likes of scuba-diving, surfing, windsurfing and a whole host of other motorised and non-motorised aquatic activities on offer including two infinity pools on-site. There are also plenty of other facilities such as an extreme games zone with a Wii, PS4, Xbox as well as a cooking school with classes in global cuisines such as South American, African and Japanese.

Dining at Niyama Private Islands Maldives

To add even more value to your getaway, opt for one of Niyama's dining plans. Guests on the Half and Full Board plans are treated to a complimentary buffet breakfast each morning in Epicure restaurant. The plans also provide credit for lunches at The Deli, Dune, Nest and Subsix; dinners at Epicure (which serves a buffet), Tribal, Blu, Nest and Edge; and Destination Dining.

Please note: food credit for dinner at Edge is not available to guests staying on a complimentary Half Board basis.



Beach Villa

In the heart of Niyama Maldives, the Beach Villa awaits with its spacious 135 sqm of luxury. Offering direct access to the powdery sands, guests wake up to breathtaking sunrise views. The room's design exudes comfort and elegance, a perfect haven for those seeking tranquility amid nature's unparalleled beauty.

Deluxe Beach Villa

Nestled within the pristine shores of Niyama Maldives, the Deluxe Beach Villa offers a luxurious expanse of 135 sqm. With direct beach access, guests can bask in the serene ambiance of the Indian Ocean. As the day draws to a close, the villa treats visitors to mesmerising sunset views, creating unforgettable moments of bliss.

Beach Pool Villa

The Beach Pool Villa at Niyama Maldives beckons with its opulent 190 sqm space, promising an indulgent escape. Guests can relish direct beach access and awaken to awe-inspiring sunrise views. Adding to the allure, a private pool invites them to unwind in blissful seclusion, creating cherished memories amid paradise.

Deluxe Beach Pool Villa

Nestled in a pristine location at Niyama Maldives, the Deluxe Beach Pool Villa offers 190 sqm of sheer luxury. Guests enjoy direct beach access and are treated to breathtaking sunset views. The allure deepens with a private pool, inviting them to indulge in unparalleled relaxation and create cherished memories in this idyllic paradise.

Family Beach Pool Villa

Amidst the tropical paradise of Niyama Maldives, the Family Beach Pool Villa awaits with its generous 255 sqm space. Offering direct beach access, families can start their day with picturesque sunrise views. The villa's charm extends with a private 'family-sized' plunge pool, inviting loved ones to create cherished moments of togetherness and joy.

Deluxe Family Beach Pool Villa

Nestled in a pristine location at Niyama Maldives, the Deluxe Family Beach Pool Villa beckons with its spacious 255 sqm layout. Offering direct beach access, families can savour breathtaking sunset views. The villa's allure deepens with a private 'family-sized' plunge pool, providing the perfect setting for cherished moments of togetherness and relaxation.

Over Water Pool Villa

Perched above the azure waters of Niyama Maldives, the Over Water Pool Villa captivates with its 175 sqm of refined elegance. A private sundeck adorned with plush loungers beckons guests to savor the mesmerizing lagoon views. Completing the enchantment is an infinity private pool, inviting them to immerse in pure bliss and tranquility.

Deluxe Over Water Pool Villa

Nestled in the pristine waters of Niyama Maldives, the Deluxe Over Water Pool Villa presents 190 sqm of opulence. A private sundeck adorned with comfortable loungers offers breathtaking vistas of the lagoon. Guests indulge in ultimate relaxation with an infinity private pool complemented by a soothing Jacuzzi, ensuring an unforgettable aquatic escape.

One Bedroom Ocean Pool Pavilion

Nestled along the pristine lagoon of Niyama Maldives, the One Bedroom Ocean Pool Pavilion offers 340 sqm of lavish seclusion. A private infinity pool with a jacuzzi invites indulgence amidst stunning sunrise views. With direct lagoon access and a private terrace adorned with loungers, guests revel in unparalleled luxury and natural beauty.

One Bedroom Beach Pool Pavilion

In a pristine location at Niyama Maldives, the One Bedroom Beach Pool Pavilion offers 400 sqm of sheer indulgence. Guests relish direct beach access and cherish unforgettable sunset views. The private terrace, complete with sun loungers, invites relaxation, while the infinity pool with a jacuzzi ensures an enchanting escape in paradise.

Two Bedroom Ocean Pool Pavilion

Perched amidst the azure waters of Niyama Maldives, the Two Bedroom Ocean Pool Pavilion offers 515 sqm of luxury. Uninterrupted Indian Ocean views mesmerize guests throughout their stay. With direct lagoon access, a private infinity pool featuring a jacuzzi, and stunning sunset vistas, this pavilion promises an unforgettable island getaway.

Two Bedroom Beach Pool Pavilion

Nestled in a pristine location at Niyama Maldives, the Two Bedroom Beach Pool Pavilion spans 635 sqm of pure opulence. Guests enjoy direct beach access and stunning sunset views. The private infinity pool with a jacuzzi and a deck adorned with floating loungers ensure a blissful retreat, creating unforgettable memories amid paradise.

Three Bedroom Beach Pool Pavilion

In an exclusive location at Niyama Maldives, the Three Bedroom Beach Pool Pavilion offers a lavish retreat spanning 770 sqm. With direct beach access, guests relish picturesque sunset views. Two private pools, an outdoor jacuzzi, and a dedicated spa treatment room complete the indulgence, promising an unforgettable escape in paradise.


  • Babysitting Facilities
  • Butler Service
  • Dive Sites
  • Early Check-in & Late Check-out
  • Family Villas
  • Floating Breakfasts Available
  • Half Board Dine-Around Option
  • Inter-leading Rooms Available
  • PADI Dive School
  • PCR Centre on Island
  • Pool Villas
  • Private Beach
  • Seaplane Transfer
  • Spa
  • Teens Club
  • Villas with Pool

Food & Drink


In the morning: smoothies and juice blends, gourmet crostinis topped with overflowing flavours, eggs 12 ways or design your own. At lunch and dinner: Mediterranean-inspired salads, sandwiches, seafood, pasta from the indulgent to the gluten free, pizzas, Asian delights surrounded by tropical splendour. ‘Thakuru’ waiters circulate with water, sunblock, iPads, towels and refreshments of coconunts, fruit skewers and icy popsicles.


Barefoot dining on white sands. Cocktail lounging on plush bean bags and a drifting ceiling of clouds. As night falls, a beach club stirs, the DJ sending chilled beats through sea breeze. The stars shine day and night in glowing cocktails. Try the smoking cocktail Meduse or concoctions born of house-aged liquors in on-island oak barrels with fruit infusions, floral liqueur or organic twists. Plus sheesha and seashells by the seashore.

Edge Bar and Restaurant

Modern fine dining, set half a kilometre out in the ocean and accessible only by boat.


Flaky pastries start the morning. Follow with fruit salads made to order from the familiar and tropical exotics, or an omelette comprising fine cheeses and a chiffonade of garden-fresh herbs. From the extensive breakfast buffet to a la carte lunches and dinners, Epicure offers infinity poolside indulgence at its most chic, casual and delicious. Tipple with a selection of 18 teas and 260 wine labels.


Step into the light. A rooftop lounge suspends you in nature. The sun’s rays flit through glass walls and the Indian Ocean is laid out before you. Feel the heat of passion, paired with the delicious chilled cocktails of home-aged rum. Settle into a cosy couch. Sip a cool cocktail or sparkling wine and watch the sky begin to glow orange, then pink. As the sun sets, the pulse quickens and the music rises.


Climb into your tree house for an unforgettable dining high. Navigate the jungle on a labyrinth of wooden walkways to your private perch in the tree tops. Chilled sculptures of sashimi arrive in a globe of ice. Avant-garde presentations by Thai, Chinese, Japanese and Indonesian chefs grace your table in one of the most spectacular restaurants in the Maldives. Explore the surreal six metres up or tucked between serpentine vines at the forest floor. For a theatrical meal, the teppanyaki table is the most desired in the house. Pair your meal with recommendations by the Sake Master. Taste the world’s most expensive coffee, Black Ivory. Experience the sweet finale of Nest’s signature dessert: Luwak Coffee Brûlée, rich cream custard infused with a secret recipe featuring Kopi Luwak essence and accompanied by roasted banana ice cream.

Private Destination Dining

Gourmet picnics on a deserted island for two. A bonfire and the sizzling aroma of mahi by water’s edge. Capture the bold, the imaginative, with unique dining experiences to order. Brought to life by your private chef and Thakuru - beyond expectations. Toes buried in sand, deliciously cool. Sunset’s hues spread in front of you, dancing on the horizon. Enjoy a menu inspired by the riches of the ocean.


Underwater playground for subaquatic destination dining. Reach Subsix by speedboat and descend a dramatic three-tier staircase. Italian abstract chandeliers illuminate the descent like shining coral. In the depths, hide away in the swooping curves of the clam-inspired bar, tucked into the soft anemone chairs beneath the soft waves of capiz shells draped from the ceiling. Dive into Champagne breakfasts, lunches, gourmet dinners and glow parties illuminating the night alongside the theatre of the reef.

The Deli

Take away a smoothie or rich brewed coffee. Peruse a selection of antipasti, Panini, ciabatta, pastries and other easy eating delights. Seeking a sweet indulgence? Ask the barista to whip up milkshake of homemade ice cream, or go a bit healthier with frozen yoghurt and succulent fresh fruits.


A Maasai warrior welcomes you with a Dawa, East Africa’s signature cocktail. Select your pleasure from a menu fusing African, Central and South American tribal cuisines, elevated with a fine dining touch. Hidden in the walls of the boma, dine on signatures like the Big Afrikaaner - smoky grilled OP with lime wedges, margarita salt and the spice of chipotle. Soak up the atmosphere after dinner with a Jebena coffee pot of African beans ground and roasted on site - from the deep mocha of Ethiopian Harra to fragrant Yrigacheffe to selections from hills and highlands across the continent.