Elephant Hills The Lake Camp

4* out of 5 stars

Deep in the heart of Khao Sok National Park, on the tranquil Cheow Larn Lake, floats Elephant Hills The Lake Camp – one of the world’s only luxury floating tented camps. The Elephant Hills Elephant Experience is a unique initiative first launched in 2010. The resort founders decided something must be done to bring an end to elephant riding for its cruelty to these gentle giants. At Elephant Hills, elephant riding is not on the agenda; instead, a much more interactive and respectful way to encounter these noble beasts is offered.

Since the beginning of this initiative, Elephant Hills guests have been able to enjoy interactive experiences more uplifting and rewarding than any elephant ride you could ever take. Included in the resort’s soft adventure tour package, guests meet the elephants up close. Observe the elephants bathing in the mud pool, use coconut fibres to scrub them clean, prepare their food and even feed them. The elephants are released back into their special roaming pen after you meet them, where you can see them play and graze freely in their natural habitat. As winners of the prestigious Animal Welfare Award, Elephant Hills’ commitment to the safe nurturing of their elephants has never been in question.

This spectacular setting, surrounded by jungles and towering limestone cliffs, provides an excellent base from which to explore southern Thailand’s tropical rainforest too. Reassured by a neutral carbon footprint (the camp’s energy is solar and wind powered and there is also unique waste-management in place), you’ll have zero impact on nature. Yet, nature will no doubt have an impact on you… It’s simply breathtaking here.

Gaze out of your luxury safari tent as the sun sets over the trees, jotting the day’s memories in your diary. Swim in the lake on your front doorstep. Trek through the jungle in search of monkeys and, of course, spend time with the iconic land giants; elephants never forget, and your experience at Elephant Hills will live long in the memory too.



Elephant Hills Jungle Lake Safari (3 Days | 2 Nights)

Spend three days in Elephant Hills Jungle Lake on an unforgettable safari, enjoying luxury safari tents designed for sustainable and responsible operation in the incredible environments you'll explore. With solar and wind power providing electricity and en suite bathrooms to every tent, your two nights here will be as comfortable as can be.

Jungle Lake Safari

Ten Luxury Safari Tents with en-suite bathrooms. Powered purely by both Solar and Wind energy and using unique waste management systems, your stay at the Rainforest Camp will leave no negative impact on the surrounding forest. Elephant Hills Rainforest Camp is designed to be as responsible as possible, allowing you to be at one with nature. This has to be the most unique and responsible way to experience the true beauty of Southern Thailand's endangered rainforest habitat.


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Food & Drink

Cooking Demonstration

As part of the evening program, Elephant Hills introduce the secrets of the traditional Thai kitchen at their cooking demonstration at the elephant nature park. One of their guides explains the preparation of one famous Thai dish to the guests every evening, while one of their experienced chefs follows the instructions simultaneously.