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Japan has touched the cultures of the world, leaving the imprint of its unique art and cuisine in galleries and restaurants everywhere. There's no excuse for missing out on the real thing though; the hi-tech cities, quaint old fishing villages and snowcapped mountains of Japan should be on everybody's bucket list.

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Japan and its proud culture have for centuries attracted western interest, while honing in its own image certain attributes of wider Asia. A nation for whom the 21st century maintains as much grace, tradition, and spirituality as its preceding millennia, Japan today boldly embraces the future and is a world leader in digital tech. Its soaring mountain landscape is largely uninhabited, pushing most residents to the bustling conurbations of Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Okinawa where youth sub-culture, world-class dining, nightlife, theatre and sports flourish and evolve in their own unique but beautiful way.

Luxury holidays in Japan

While there’s certainly a unique experience to be had by staying in a ryokan (Japanese inn-style accommodation), or a ‘capsule hotel’, your holiday to the Land of the Rising Sun can be just as authentic with a little luxury thrown in. Leading hotels that lavish luxury and upscale service upon their guests are our business at Kenwood Travel, and these are exactly what we have sought out for our customers wishing to enjoy a luxury holiday in Japan.

Great reasons to holiday in Japan

Food – Sushi at the source. Need we say more? This hugely popular gastronomic phenomenon has many imitators around the world but there’s really no substitute for the real thing. In recent years Japanese restaurants have garnered unprecedented attention from Michelin. At the last count Tokyo had 14 three-starred restaurants; the most of any city in the world.

Culture – The very language associated with Japanese culture is enough to engage our imagination. Geisha, haiku, futon, karaoke, karate, kimono, manga, ninja, samurai, sake, sakura, Zen. The graceful honour and minimalist style of the country’s rich culture seem alive in these small, evocative words. 

Explore – The quality of hiking and hill walking available in Japan is a little-known fact. An elaborate system of huts along trails in the Hokkaido and Japanese Alps allow adventurous souls to pack a backpack and go. The jungle-covered uplands near Kyoto are easily accessed from the city and, further south a colourful marine world is unveiled. Okinawa meanwhile has coral reefs akin to Thailand.

Efficient – The careful poise inherent in Japanese culture creates a famously meticulous lifestyle. Attention to detail and organisation is evident everywhere, from spotless hotel rooms to efficient train services.

Things to do whilst on holiday in Japan

  • Take a bullet train to the majesticly snow-capped Mount Fuji.
  • Visit the world famous Golden Pavilion Temple of Kinkaku-ji in Kyoto – one of the country’s most recognisable sights. 
  • Tokyo National Museum is regarded as Japan’s Louvre. To immerse yourself in the art, sculpture, ancient pottery and calligraphy of this fascinating country, a visit here is a must.
  • Experience the healing qualities of an Onsen (natural hot spring) at Kinosaki. 
  • Sing it loud and proud. Karaoke in Japan is a little more sophisticated than our usually inebriated version. What’s more, your party gets a private room so inhibitions tend to go out of the window even if the drinks haven’t been flowing. 
  • Ski sunday, or any day. The global ski community hails Niseko as the go-to ski zone in Japan, while Hokkaido is also known for top-class ski resorts.

Weather in Japan

Japan’s climate is temperate for the most part, with regional variations from north to south. Hokkaido in the north enjoys a humid continental climate with warm summers and cold winters. The Pacific coast is characterised by subtropical weather, with mild winters and hot summers. Japan is famous for its vivid autumn leaves and spring blossom – hallmarks of much of its traditional literature and art.

Facts about Japan

  • Area - 145,925 square miles
  • Population - 126,659, 000
  • Currency - Yen

Japan Holidays 2018

Bespoke holidays with extra luxury are the name of the game at Kenwood Travel. We draw upon 40 years of experience to provide a tailor-made booking service that makes your holiday planning quick and easy. Speak to a friendly advisor today about your 2018 holiday to Japan.

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