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When you book a Caribbean holiday with Kenwood Travel you'll discover one of the most spectacular places on earth; picture the endless ivory sand beaches, emerald ocean waters, untouched rainforests and picturesque harbour towns. What you'll also get is a tailor-made trip at an amazing price.

Caribbean Islands

Travel Guide

Caribbean Travel Guide

The Caribbean is a wonderful set of islands renowned for being the perfect holiday destination for millions of people worldwide. The white sandy beaches, lush tropical forests, crystal blue seas and friendly atmosphere are the ideal combination for a relaxing and luxurious escape. Throughout the many Caribbean islands, there really is something for everyone. Whether it's the sunsoaked shores of Barbados, the culinary excellence of Antigua or the laid back atmosphere of Jamaica, you will surely find the ideal spot for your holiday in 2016 or 2017.

You'll also find a great range of accommodation. Along with our all-inclusive resorts and intimate boutique hotels, we offer everything from private villas with maid service and cook, to barefoot beach huts, and it's all 5 star at 3 star prices!

Luxury Holidays to the Caribbean

If it's a luxury Caribbean holiday you're after then Kenwood Travel offer an extensive range of lavish hotels to suit every need. Whether you’re looking for a romantic honeymoon destination, an all-inclusive holiday for the family or a tranquil solo break, talk to our advisors now and start organising that bespoke holiday package you will never forget. Book now to take advantage of our range of luxury Caribbean hotels. We deal directly with some of the biggest names on the islands, including:

Christmas Holidays in the Caribbean

We have limited availability over the Christmas & New Year holiday break to the Caribbean. Our Christmas holidays are exclusive to us with early January inbounds being available. We have holidays to Barbados, Antigua, Jamacia and St Lucia, all with discounts for children and savings of up to 30%. Escape this winter and fly off to the sunny Caribbean for Christmas & New Year.

Book Early to Guarantee Your Caribbean Holiday for 2016/2017

We have some great Caribbean holidays for 2016 and 2017 available with up to 40% savings on certain hotels and massive early booking discounts on our flights. Please search our deals using our onsite Holiday Search facility or call the Kenwood team now on 020 7749 9245. Our flights are booked with our preferred partners Virgin Atlantic and British Airways. For pre-booked seats, teen discounts and any tailor-made requirement for your holiday, call our advisors now and let us take care of the details. 

Please note: Zika Virus Guidelines for Travellers as of 31/03/16. You may be aware that there has been an outbreak of the Zika Virus in South and Central America and cases reported in Mexico, Barbados, Jamaica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Trinidad and Tobago, The Grenadines and potentially other Caribbean islands and worldwide destinations. There have also been sporadic cases reported in Thailand, Vietnam and The Philippines. The affected areas are constantly changing and full up-to-date details of the virus, and the precautions to be taken by travellers, can be found online here.

This virus is transmitted by mosquitoes and although the symptoms can be unpleasant they are not life threatening. However, if you are PREGNANT, or planning to become pregnant and are travelling to an affected area, then you will need to take the precautions as outlined on the above website. If you need further assistance please contact your travel consultant who will be pleased to help.


Even from space, the Caribbean’s shallow cays and coral lagoons loom impossibly blue – testament to the archipelago’s invitingly warm waters – and illustrating the hot weather these islands are blessed with year-round. Welcome to one of finest climates in the Americas.

Cooling north-easterly trade winds moderate the Caribbean’s on-land temperatures to a tropical 24°C to 32°C at sea level, and these readings will tend not to fluctuate regardless of time of day, month or season. Pretty predictable, but variations in the mercury levels do occur at higher altitudes, with hilly regions being slightly cooler.

Rather than a conventional four-season model to explain any meteorological variances, an understanding of the Caribbean’s weather patterns is probably best divided neatly into two. The rainy season – May to October – and the dry season, which corresponds to our winter. Don’t be disgruntled though – even during the so-called rainy season, wet conditions fluctuate and showers can be short-lived. Leeward sides of mountainous islands are known to remain dry throughout.

So, if you’re beach ready and aching for some fun in the sun, the Caribbean is waiting to grace you with its gorgeous weather. The boxes are ticked for blue skies, clear waters and summer heat. All that’s left is to pack your sunglasses, sun cream and flip-flops; knotted hanky optional.

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Twin-centre holidays are becoming increasingly popular, and we can definitely understand why! With all those incredibly tempting places to choose from, it's hard to whittle it down to just one. A multi-centre holiday however enables you to tick an extra destination off of that never-ending travel to do list. The twin-centre option gets you two holidays in one, allowing you to make the most of your time abroad and to blend two totally different experiences together for an unforgettable trip of a lifetime.

Caribbean Twin-Centre Holidays

Amongst the most popular twin-centre holidays is the combination of a fun-filled Florida adventure and a tropical Caribbean retreat. This double act offers you the best of both worlds: action and relaxation. The two are also the perfect match given that the Caribbean is located so conveniently close to the Sunshine State's coast, meaning that Caribbean bliss awaits you just a short journey away.

Click here for a closer look at our Caribbean twin centre offers.

Florida & Caribbean Twin-Centre Holidays

Coupling the Caribbean and Florida is an ideal option for families. The kids will be all smiles as you explore Orlando's thrilling theme parks. And after all that excitement, Mum and Dad can treat themselves to a much-needed break. Adults unwind on the tropical white-sand Caribbean beaches as the kids snorkel in the crystal clear waters or be entertained at some of the best kids clubs around.

Alternatively, begin by exploring the glamorous city of Miami, enjoying the hustle and bustle of Key West, or heading to stylish Fort Lauderdale (also known as the 'Venice of America'), before ending on a high on a secluded Caribbean island.

Our experts can tailor-make a holiday to suit you, finding your perfect combination . Give us a call today on 020 7749 9269 for more information, and get the ball rolling on your double-whammy holiday today.

Click here for a closer look at our Florida and Caribbean twin centre offers.


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