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Puerto Rico Holidays

A holiday to Puerto Rico will invariably be a lesson in the history of this cultural mix. The island, which has been a US territory for well over a century, experienced the influence of Spanish colonisation – including corresponding influx of slaves from Africa. Other European influences include the influx of poor migrant farmers from Scotland and Ireland, and French migration stemming from neighbouring Haiti and Louisiana in the US.

Despite the mixed history, Puerto Rico is nevertheless a fascinating assimilation of heritage, exemplified in its cuisine and personified in its welcoming people, known for their expressiveness with strangers.

Luxury Holidays to Puerto Rico

The beach resorts and luxury hotels of Puerto Rico and capital San Juan are a masterclass in grand, elegant architecture and equally indulgent amenities. With private beaches, luxury spas and watersports and activities galore, you and your family will be pampered and doted on. Here also is the destination for romance, a dream wedding, or unparalleled honeymoon experience. Meanwhile the hotels’ restaurants and bars reflect the island’s diverse cultural heritage, offering a wide range of fine dining possibilities from all across the globe.

Furthermore, Puerto Ricans are particularly regarded for their hospitality and warmth of welcome.

5 Great Reasons to Holiday in Puerto Rico

  • Select few birds and animals found nowhere else, including the bright green Puerto Rican parrot and Coqui frog
  • Explore limestone caves and sinkholes in the volcanic bedrock of the north
  • Hike the Cordillera Central mountain range, including Cerro La Punta’s peak at 1,338 metres
  • Taste unique dishes that take in Creole, African, Spanish and American influences, the result of the Puerto Rico’s history as a cultural melting pot
  • Explore Old San Juan, an island-based network of Spanish colonial buildings and Mediterranean-esque narrow cobbled streets


Mainly sunny and warm most of the year – average temperature of 26C in the south, a couple of degrees cooler in the north and inland. Rainfall is fairly evenly distributed, and doubles in the rainier season from May to October. Puerto Rico does get hit by the Caribbean Hurricane season, from November to April, and frequent hurricanes occur between August and October.

Interesting Facts About Puerto Rico

  • Population – 4 million; Puerto Rico has been a part of the US since 1898 and Puerto Ricans have been US citizens since 1917
  • Area – 9,104 sq. kilometres
  • Currency – US Dollar ($)
  • Capital – San Juan; incidentally the oldest city on US soil
  • Language – Spanish, and to a lesser extent English

Puerto Rico Holidays 2017

Let Kenwood Travel’s experts create your bespoke, all-inclusive luxury holiday, or ideal wedding and honeymoon package, in Puerto Rico. With over 30 years of experience we can make your dream Puerto Rican holiday a reality. Book now for 2017 to secure a deal, we’ve a multitude of offers and are happy to help you arrange your trip to paradise.

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