Pre Book Seats & Meals

Pre Book Seats and Meals

Now that you have booked your holiday with Kenwood Travel, we want to make it as easy for you as possible and offer you the best service. Pre-booking your seats offers a number of benefits, from selecting the best positions available on the plane to ensure that all your family members are together during the flight. Why not to take advantage of this exceptional option and avoid last-minute disappointment?

Once you have booked your holiday with Kenwood Travel we will provide you with the airline reference that you will need in order to pre-book your seats. The process is very intuitive and fast and it can be done online or over the telephone. Some airlines may charge for this service.

You can request your airline reference by emailing us to

Alternatively, we at Kenwood Travel can pre-book your seats for you, although your booking will depend ultimately on the airline's availability.

Pre-booking your seats can be done from ten months to 24 hours prior to departure.

Another convenient option when managing your booking with an airline is pre-booking a meal. If you have any special dietary requirements, including medical meals, you only have to let the airline know with a minimum of 24 hours notice and they will provide you with a suitable meal.

Most airlines include types of meals suitable for lacto-ovo vegetarians, vegan vegetarians, Hindus and Muslims. Seafood meals, bland food, low calorie, low fat, low lactose and gluten-free meals are also on offer.

In order to book your meal in advance with the selected airline you will need your airline reference. You can request it by emailing us at

If you prefer, we can contact the airline in your behalf and manage your booking preferences.

Now that you know how to make the most of your flight, relax and start thinking about the destination!